Released new battlegrounds for playing, hotfixes by Blizzard & more

Author: Pierre - Paulo Simčić, Published: 2018.03.23.

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On live servers has been realesed new battleground called Seething Sore.

Some of the hotfixes posted by Blizzard.

A further road of spectre and meltdown on Intel.

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, AMD Ryzen flaws & more

Author: Pierre - Paulo Simčić, Published: 2018.03.22.

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Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is on the way in League of Legends and many skins coming with it.

CTS Labs is making claims that AMD Ryzen has same bug as the Intel's counterpart.

Leaked roadmap for AMD GPU's in the near future.

Titan V benchmarks, CPU bug on all CPU'S and more!

Author: Pierre - Paulo Simčić, Published: 2018.1.5.

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Nvidia just recently announced their new workstation GPU and it's already available to buy it. Plus there are already benchamrks from those who bought it on launch!

A bug discoreved undearneath kernel which adjusts performance of CPU on architectural level, that is on hardware level.